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There are times when historical fiction can breach the wall of objectivity to make a story more real than real... An unforgettable treatment of a historic milestone in medical science.

-NetGalley review The Doctor of Broad Street

As I set off for home to get my bag, I could not help my gut clenching

in fear at the prospect of the cholera returning to our shores.

Frank Roberts is a doctor working with the poor in Victorian London, who becomes  embroiled in a murder investigation as a cholera epidemic sweeps the streets. He works with a colleague, Dr John Snow, to find the source of the cholera, as he battles to tend his patients and save a man accused of murder.  Can he help John save Soho from the cholera and will he lay his own ghosts to rest and find happiness?

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I write historical fiction with a medical theme, based on the lives and stories of real characters of the past. A love of history and a medical background has led to my first book, The Doctor of Broad Street, published in May 2016.